This is a game about collecting items and throw them to kill monsters or out of the room to score.

You are in a magic room spawning treasures and monsters.The treasures you collected can be the weapons to kill monsters and destroy the walls.

You need throw the treasures out of the room to score after destroying the wall.But the wall  will rebuild after a while.

Different treasures have different stats.The more treasures you collect,the slowly you walk.

Also there will be a BOSS spawning every seconds in the game,you can beat it and get a useful skill!

# Controls

ASDW - Move.More weight,more slowly,

MOUSE - Aim and shoot.Last in,first out.

# Tips

1.Coin is a balanced item,and the red coin is the upgrade version.

2.Knife has the highest damage to monsters but can't destroy the wall.The pickaxe is just the opposite.

3.The brown monster will run faster if you have more treasures.

4.The BOSS shoot energy balls that can destroy the treasures.Be careful!

5.There are about 9 skills you can get after killing the BOSS.They can make you stronger.

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